Periodic Inspection

Periodic inspections are regular, planned inspections of the critical components of equipment or systems that have a high potential for causing serious injury or illness. The inspections are often part of preventive maintenance procedures or hazard control programs.
While the industry standard continuously changing and existing equipment deteriorate with time, our periodical inspection service is designed to ensure functionality and standard compatibility electrical system and fire protection system of premises. As part of this service, our trained engineer periodically assesses and logs the status of our client’s system, produce detailed report periodically. This service is designed to save cost in long-run of a building.

Services and solutions we are currently offering:


As a complete solution, we provide consultancy services for requirement of electrical meter testing, perform the necessary tests and calibrate the meter as per standard. We do have experience of testing meter up to 11KV.


We provide thermographic scanning service for electrical systems, insulation of hot/cold pipelines, leakage of process valves, health check of motor (overheated bearing, misalignment, and overheated windings), and conveyer belt.


SAM3 provides transformer oil analysis to power generating companies enabling them to monitor the health of their transformers. In order to assist our clients to take early remedial action before possibly dangerous and costly unit failure occurs, we offer a complete portfolio of services for used transformer oil clients including sampling kits and on-site services, analytical testing, data analysis & reporting, and advisory and consulting services.


Insulation is subject to many elements that can cause it to perform at a less-than-acceptable level. Excessive heat or cold, moisture, vibration, dirt, oil, and corrosive vapors can all contribute to deterioration. For this reason, routine insulation testing is necessary.
Because IR testers are portable, the IR test is often used in the field as the final check of equipment insulation and also to confirm the reliability of the circuit and that there are no leakage currents from unintended faults in the wiring (e.g. a shorted connection would be obvious from the test results).


Ensuring that an effective earth grounding systems is in place is essential to both the safety and performance of an electrical system. This range of earth testers provides both stateless testing and attached rod technique capabilities for testing a range of grounding systems including residential, lightning protection and communication.