About Us

Da Wheelz is a Multi-brand Car Repair & Service Workshop in Dhaka city to provide the maximum service with utmost satisfaction to all our clients and offering genuine spare parts, diagnostics and repair-even for new-age cars with the latest in automotive technology,

We are Specialized in Auto General Services, Wheel Alignment and Balancing, Car A/C Service, Car Diagnostics, Body Shop Repair (Denting & Painting), Detailing Car Spa for all kind of cars.

With specialist experience in repairs and replacement, we believe that replacement should be the last option if the part is not repairable or we will repair almost anything as there is a shortage in parts, or the price is very heavy.

Our specialties are minor and major repairs on most import and domestic vehicles. It is a rare occurrence that we would have to turn somebody away for owning a vehicle we cannot or will not service. Some examples of the cars/trucks we routinely work on include but are not limited to Toyota, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, and Land Rover. What customers experience that keeps them returning is a genuine, sincere, and caring team that strives to deliver only the best. Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to find out first hand.

Our History:

Established in 2016, DA WHEELZ was birthed out of a zeal by a few young engineers to make a difference in the automobile repair and service industry by providing high-quality professional services. Members of this team eventually became the first employees, motivated specifically by a collective agreement to trade their time for minimum wages so the majority of business profits could be poured back into the business to develop more.


  • We make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional group of people
  • Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services
  • We get the job done right — the first time
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance


A to Z Service List

Car Wash General Servicing Engine Replacement
Engine Over Hauling Charge Replacement of Brake Fluids Replacement of Coolant
Replacement of Tyre Wheel Alignment Replacement Of Brake Pads
Replacement Of Disc Replacement Of Clutch Plate/Pressure Plate/Main Oil Seal Replacement Of Engine Timing Belt
Replacement Of Shock absorber EFI System Check-up & Necessary Wiring Repair (Major) EFI System Check-up & Necessary Wiring Repair (Minor)
Computerized Engine Analysis or Engine Scanning (Check-up only) Computerized Engine Analysis or Engine Scanning & Tune-up Computerized Scanning (Per System)
Valve/Tappet Clearance Adjustment (Manual Type) Auto Tappet Clearance Adjustment EFI Fault Code Assessing & Erasing (Manually)
EFI Fault Code Assessing & Erasing (By Scanner) Engine Servicing (Plug, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter Outside Change) Engine Tune-up
Computerized Idle Air Volume Learning Computerized CVT Oil Learning With CVT oil Change Computerized Steering System “G” Calibration
Computerized Suspension System Height Adjust Engine Compression Check (Gasoline) Engine Compression Check (Diesel)
Engine Top Overhauling VVT-I System Overhauling Intake Manifold Replace
Engine Valve Timing Belt Replacement Engine Valve Timing Chain Replacement Engine Timing Cover Oil Seal Replacement
Engine Main Oil Seal Replacement (Each) Engine Mounting Replace (Each) Speedometer Cable Replace (Each)
Engine Drive Belt Replace (Each) Head Gasket Replace (Each) Tappet Cover Gasket Replace
Plug Guide Oil Seal Replace Accelerator Cable Replace Carburetor Overhauling
Fuel Pump Replace (EFI) Fuel Pump Replace With Fuel Tank Open/Fitting/Wash Fuel Filter Replace
Fuel Filter Replace (EFI System) Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Servicing Injector Replace/Open/Fitting (Each)
Fuel Meter Servicing Fuel System Servicing Injector Servicing With Injector Tester
Ignition Coil Replace Distributor Replace CV Point/Condenser Replace
High Tension Lead Replace Spark Plug Servicing/ Replace Ignition Coil Cap Replace
Radiator Replace Radiator Wash/Flush Water Pump Replace
Hose Pipe Replace (Each) Thermostat Switch Replace Thermostat Valve Replace
Cooling Fan Replace Fan Belt Replace (Each) Temperature Switch Replace
Coolant Change/ Adjust Oil Sump Servicing/ Replace Oil Pump Replace
Oil Pressure Switch Replace Clutch/Pressure Plate Replace Clutch Master Cylinder Replace/ Overhauling
Clutch Sleeve Cylinder Replace/ Overhauling Clutch Pedal Adjustment Clutch Cable Adjustment
Clutch System Bleeding Brake Shoes Replace (Rear) Brake Pads Replace (Front)
Brake System Servicing Master Cylinder Replace Master Cylinder Overhauling
Wheel Cylinder Replace (Front/Each) Wheel Cylinder Replace (Rear/Each) Brake Drum New Slip Making from Lath
Brake Caliper Repair From Leth Front Wheel Cylinder Overhauling (Each) Brake Hose Pipe Replace
Brake System Bleeding Brake Booster Replace Brake Booster Check Valve Replace
Parking Brake Servicing Parking Brake Cable Replace Brake Disk/Drum Reface (Each)
Suspension System Overhauling (Front/Rear/Pair) Shock Absorber Replace (Front/Rear/Pair) Shock Absorber Mounting Replace (Each)
Shock Absorber High Plate Replace Hanger Bush Replace (Per Bush) Cross Member Assembly Replace
Front Upper Arm Assembly/Bushing Replace (Each) Front Lower Arm Assembly/Bushing Replace (Each) Front Upper Arm Ball Joint Replace (Each)
Front Lower Arm Ball Joint Replace (Each) Front Leaf Spring Replace (Each) Rear Leaf Spring Replace (Each)
Front Spring Shackle/Bushing Replace (Pair) Strut Bar Replace Stabilizer Assembly/Bushing Replace
Tire Change With Leak Repair (Each) Suspension System Check-up & Report Rack End Replace/Pair
Arm/Hanger Bush Replace (Each) Ball Joint Replace (Each) Tie Rod End Replace (Each)
Steering System Overhauling (EMPS) Link Rod Replace/Pair Steering Column Replace/Servicing
Steering Gearbox Replace Power Steering Pump Replace Power Steering Box Replace
Power Steering Pipe Replace CV Joint Replace/Servicing CV Joint Boot Cover Replace (Each)
Knuckle Joint Boot Cover Replace (Each) Steering System Flushing Steering Boot Cover Replace (Each)
Steering System Check-up & Report Gearbox Overhauling (Manual) Gearbox Overhauling (Auto)
Gearbox Servicing (Auto) Auto Transmission Fluid Flush & Replace (By Machine) Gearbox Replace (Manual)
Gearbox Replace (Auto) Differential Assembly Replace Differential Overhauling (Rear Wheel)
Differential Overhauling (Front Wheel) Front Axle Shaft Replace Rear Axle Shaft Replace
Rear Axle Shaft Oil Seal Replace Knuckle Arm Replace Propeller Shaft Mounting Replace
Propeller Shaft Bearing Replace Auto Gearbox Cable Adjusting Transmission System Check-up & Report***
A/C Gas Charge (406) A/C Gas Charge Dual (406) A/C Gas Charge (134a)
A/C Gas Charge Dual (134a) A/C Adjuster Bearing Replace A/C Compressor Bearing Replace
A/C System Replace (New Setting) A/C Compressor Replace Blower Motor Replace
A/C System Works (With Open Dashboard) A/C System Works (With out Open Dashboard) Full A/C System Check-up & Report ***
Fuse Box Replace Fuse Box (Power Source) Repair Ignition Switch Replace
Ignition Switch Repair Head & Tail Light Bulb Replace (Each) Head Light Beam Adjustment
Combination Switch Replace Combination Switch Repair Fog Light Replace (Each)
Back Light Replace (Each) Neutral Start Switch Replace Neutral Start Switch Repair
Stop Light Switch Replace Stop Light Switch Repair Wiper & Washer System Replace
Wiper & Washer System Repair Door Courtesy Switch Replace Door Courtesy Switch Repair
Vehicle Speed Sensor Replace Vehicle Speed Sensor Repair Combination Meter Servicing & Replace
Defogger System Repair Power Window Master Switch Replace ABS Check & Repair (Minor)
ABS Check & Repair (Major) SRS Check & Repair (Minor) SRS Check & Repair (Major)
Igniter Replace High Tension Cable Replace Distributor (With Ignition Coil) Repair (Minor)
Distributor (With Ignition Coil) Repair (Major) Starter Motor Replace Starter Relay Replace
Starter Motor Overhauling Alternator Overhauling Alternator Replace
Horn Replace Horn Relay Replace Intake Manifold Open/Fitting & Servicing
Airflow Sensor Servicing Traction Control System Check & Repair (Major) Traction Control System Check & Repair (Minor)
Glass Motor Change (Each) Wiring Check-up & Repair For Lights (Minor) Door Lock Servicing & Adjustment
Wiper Motor Servicing Beating Out Dent From All Over the Body Painting Full Body
Dent & Paint (Accidental) Chassis Alignment (Accidental) Color Change
Outside Workshop (Within 5-10 Kilos) Outside Workshop (Within 11-15 Kilos) Outside Workshop (Exceeding 15 Kilos)
Computerized Wheel Balancing (Per Wheel) Weights (Clip Type Per Gram) Weights (Adhesive Type Per Gram)
Water Servicing With Engine Oil & Filter Replace Engine Oil & Filter Change Only